Pre Nursery

  • Capacity15 to 20 kids
  • Age1  1/2 - 2  1/2yrs


  • Capacity15 to 20 kids
  • Age2  1/2 - 3  1/2yrs


  • Capacity15 to 20 kids
  • Age3  1/2 - 4  1/2yrs


  • Capacity15 to 20 kids
  • Age4  1/2 - 5  1/2yrs

A Faculty of Childcare Experts

Giving Attention, Care, Guidance and More

When parents enrolls their children at JAIN Toddlers, they do so knowing their children are entering the care of experienced teachers and guides. Our faculty has been handpicked based on their skills, abilities and experience and are our greatest strength. They admirably shoulder each responsibility from laying a foundation for education to instilling morals through storytelling to resolving tantrums. Everyday, our teachers play myriad roles in the lives of students.

The Parent

When your child is at our schools, the teacher is often the parent. Building on their trust & creating a safe environment for children to express themselves is an essential part of our teachers' day.

The Guide

Helping children build essential skills forms the core of a teacher's job. Whether it is in the art room, the play area or in class, our teacher's pay personalized attention to each student.

The Mentor

Young kids can be temperamental and it takes a deft hand to manage their emotions. Our teachers rely on their experience to manage expectations and keep the peace in the classroom.

The Friend

Sometimes, what students need is someone who listens to them and plays with them. Our teachers work to gain each child's confidence and trust to create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom.


Qualified Teachers


Successful Kids


Happy Parents


Years of Foundation